AllegroPro Main Page

This page is for documenting the design, implementation, and progress of AllegroPro.

AllegroPro is a game programming library. It is not like RPGMaker; you need actual C or C++ knowledge in order to use it. It is designed to be able to make modern 2D games using hardware-related features. Currently, it is under construction.

Color coding:

The Design can be found here. The totality of the design is not yet complete.

The Coding Conventions are now available for review.

The AllegroPro Development Roadmap is here.


Issues, offers for assistance, or bribes with regard to this project should be piped to the forums, in the Allegro Development section. The developers of AllegroPro use this forum for discussion of all manor of topics related to the progress of AllegroPro. Note that the forum requires registration to be able to post.

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